Carcenigrov (Small Undead Gravecrawler)

Stats Combat Skills
Attacks: Bite +13 (1d4/19–20 plus
1d4 Constitution drain)
Balance +4
Bluff +5
Diplomacy +12
Escape Artist +10
Hide +21
Intimidate +2
Jump +2
Knowledge (history) +20
Knowledge (local) +20
Knowledge (undead) +20
Listen +7
Sense Motive +5
Spot +2
Tumble +7
Initiative +2 Special Attacks Calcifying aura
Constitution drain
AC 17 (+1 size, +2 Dex, +4 natural)
touch 13
flat-footed 15
Special Qualities Burrow
Speak with dead
SR 30
turn resistance +6
undead traits
Abilities Saves FEATS
STR 10 INT 16 FORT 8 Alertness
Blind-Fight Combat Reflexes Improved Critical (bite) Iron Will Mobility Skill Focus (Knowledge [history]) Skill Focus (Knowledge [local]) Skill Focus(Knowledge [undead])
Dex 15 WIS 11 REF 10
Con - Cha 11 WILL +16

The gravecrawler, sometimes called the ancestor worm, is an intelligent, sluglike undead with the power to turn flesh (dead or living) to stone. Gravecrawlers can be found in wilderness areas, but they are most often found in cemeteries, boneyards, and necropoli. There they slowly turn the surrounding dead bodies to a brittle stone that cannot be animated even by the animate dead spell.
A gravecralwer resembles a bloated, pale, segmented worm about 3 feet in length. Its face looks like that of a human or humanoid, except that it has no eyes—not even vestigial ones.
Gravecrawlers can communicate with the spirits of the dead they consume, and as such they often become repositories of local lore, history, and gossip. Because of this fact, some societies view gravecrawlers as beneficial creatures.
Even those who consider them benefactors, however, tend to give their lairs a wide berth, since the presence of these creatures has a grievous effects on the living. Gravecrawlers are frequently sought out by those who seek hidden knowledge and lost bits of history, but they are hated both by necromancers and by corpse-devouring creatures such as the ghoul and the corpse gatherer.

Carcenigrov has been at the London Cemetary for nearly 360 years. He feasts upon the brain matter of those buried in the cemetaries of the metropolis.
He uses his burrowing ability to move from one cemetary to another with ease.
The priests of Vecna and Wee Jas know of him, though very few take the time to get to know him, and truly understand what a resource he is.