Dayha Cklorc


Dahya Cklorc is a female human of the age of 22 (beginning). She is considered short for her race, and stands up to 5’3”. Her skin a light cream color that only lightly tans in the sun. Her hair is a curly dark brown that seems reddish in the brighter lights, and falls down around her shoulders. Her eyes are a light blue that seemed to have captured both the untamed sea and sky in their crystal capsules.


Dahya’s mother was never present in her life, as she abandoned her and her father when she was born. Dahya was the only child of the same mother that she had known of, but has a younger brother (half elf), but her father never married and never settled with another woman of any race. Dahya and her family moved near the town of London after her mother’s departure. On her 8th birthday, Dahya’s father, and younger brother was killed in a robbery of their home, while she was out in the town. When no one directly related to her took her under her wing, she landed in an orphanage in London, which she doesn’t remember the name of. She learned how to fight and protect herself from the other children of the orphanage who constantly torture and pick on Dahya on everything they could find. She spent 7 years in the orphanage before her Great Aunt Marlene (Mary), related to Dahya on her mother’s side, found her and took her in. “Mary” is an adapted halfling Spirit Shaman who lived a couple days away from London. Dahya continued her work as a fighter, minding little of her aunt’s class and interests. In Dahya’s rage of her family’s death, she hoped to become a guard for London in her own way of revenge, and maybe find the murderers of her father and brother. When Dahya turned 17, she was accepted into the London Guard Academy, where she learned the basics of being a London guard, the Law both citizen and guard must abide by, and learned the weapon of the Halberd, which she favored. She graduated 2 years later, and was immediately recruited as a guard, where she was one of only a few female guards. It took years for her to soften her smile, and finally accept her fellow guards as brothers and her boss as a father. While other female guards dropped out of their work to start a family, escape the stress of the work, or the like, Dahya continues her work for London.


Fighter, Spirit Shaman


*Sage- male Qorrolax (red)

*Jiko (自己)- spirit tiger ((only Dahya can see, spirit companion from her Spirit Shaman class))


*favored weapon- Halberd

*Does not follow any god, but believes in life after death.

*knows 2 languages (common, goblin)