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Territh Arcnoth"">Territh Arcnoth

Territh Arcnoth is a 146 year-old male elf that was given the power of being a Warlock. He hides his abilities though, only showing them when it is necessary for fear endangering his own life. To put it shortly: People don’t like Warlocks. He was sent to London at the measly age of 20 to learn to be a merchant from his uncle, the number two merchant in London. But soon Territh decided that was not what he wanted to do. He began to live with his uncle, just to pass the years.

Territh, unlike most elves, took to evil. He takes every opportunity he has to make someones life miserable or bring someone unnecessary pain. He also seeks to make himself more powerful at every turn. His uncle most likely saw that, and decided to use him (along with a elf named Gala and a halfling named Zan’than) to do some of his less than law biding work for him.